Sunday, March 1, 2009

Since the late 50's the Democrats have incrementally attacked the US , it's Constitution, and it's Ideals, the Liberal democrats have instituted policies that have destroyed our Public School systems, allowed Millions ( and extimated 20-30) Million Illegal Aliens to enter and take YOUR jobs at Lower Wages dropping the Wage bases for all in that group, the Liberals have done everything they can to put America right where it is today, reeling from a Liberal inspired economic disaster, and when the Dust settles (And it will) the Facts will show , Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and a host of other Extremist Liberals created this in an effort to "BUY" Minority votes.....with YOUR Money.

This whole deal was created so "poor people could buy a house".... the system was Manipulated by the Liberals so people didnt even have to show an Income, and in many cases, since the numbers of Mexicans brought into the system was so High, and increase of as much as (87%) over previous Mexican home buyers I am guessing more than 50% of these "home buyers" were (are) illegals the efforts of Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd to stop all attemts by the Bush Administration is Documented, it began as early as 1999 and in 2004 heres a NY Times Article in 99' beginging this story the 1999 article is >

heres one from 2003 is >

This isn't something you're going to get from the evening News, and if so it's still be slanted,

Here is something to consider, the Democrats insist they are the Only ones helping the little guys,....helping them ?, putting them in houses they knew they couldn't afford, and Bankrupting them along with putting others not responsible is Helping ?, taking the same group that votes you into office and tossing them to the Loan sharks is Helping ?, taking those who help YOU Liberals get elected on Promises only to be shafted by you and your LIBERAL Buddies and then pointing a finger to the Conservatives is Helping ? destroying the Lives of innocent people invested in the stock markets is Helping ?, then getting elected based on Demagogue G. W. Bush and his spending and turning around and Tripling it is less than a Month of taking office is Helping ?, it should be clear to the American People that YOU Liberals have NO intention of helping ANYONE, but Yourselves,

The Liberals invented Social security to help You, and I, then they proceeded to empty the account, using it's Massive amounts of Money to Buy minority Votes, then it did the same with Every single agency in the US Government, ...used YOUR Money to buy Illegal Immigrant Votes, knowing full well they would Vote as democrats, furthering their Own cause,

The NEXT time you think of a Democrat (LIBERAL) , ask yourself, what (besides) Promisses have they made?, What have they made better?.

answer, Nothing

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