Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Death of America

Liberals (democrats) know full well the US MUST have energy to Operate, are they doing anything to secure that Idea ? No they aren't, instead of making policy that promotes the development of ALL energy resources they want us all to just STOP driving, and turn off our Heat and Air Conditioners, during the election, obama said they would open drilling up......have they ? they haven't. and do you think they will ?...only if you are smoking crack....the Liberals have NO intention of putting the US in a good position energy wise, and they know it, what they want is the Power to control us ALL, and energy is a good way to keep us all in line,

now lets look at some other things the Liberals , Like Acorn, Acorn is using minorities and people of color to undermine the current US voting system, the Liberals are using MORE of YOUR Money to recruit people who are dead, cartoon characters, and any other ways to get "Liberal democrats" registered, in many states Acorn is under investigation...did that Stop obama from funneling 4.19 Billion dollars to them ?.....nope here's just one of many articles on Acorn

what about our US Mexican Border ?, the US population in polls are about 80% for closing the US Mexican border, are the Liberals listening ?...NO again it isn't YOUR voice they listen to, it's that crackling sound of Dollar Bills

the Liberals are nice and cozy and Warm in their homes, ya think they are worried about Mexican Drug lords or anything....naaa, they have protection....

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