Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Death of America

The New Queen of the United States of America

Nancy Pelosi has decided She is the QUEEN, and obama is the King, she has kicked and shoved her Liberal Policies on Americans, and now she is assuming she has the Entire US Airforce and it's Planes at her beck and call..I wish all that read this, and are Outraged would write Pelosi and let her know how you feel....but, to do that, you'll first have to find a Zip code in her State, because if you dont live in her'll kick Your Email back....this from someone whos paid by ALL of us ?....naaa yer Kidden me right ?...if I dont fudge I cant get intouch with her ?......yea, it's true...

1 comment:

  1. Chief, Pillousie is no different from any other democrat. It, the speaker, is not the queen. BarneyFag is the true queen of the democrats. Pillousie may be a princess but not queen.
    On contacting Pillousie, just find a zipcode in her district, that should work. It may help you gain her attention by making up a fruity name like, Bruce d'Biche or something to that effect.