Sunday, November 29, 2015

Getting Obama OUT of office

The US Congress Refuses it's responsibility, Yet the Constitution Give the American People a WAY to Remove a Usurping Executive , it's the 9ths Amendments "Quo Warranto", this is a Writ, a Writ requires the "Respondent to Prove Who he is, and is indeed legally Holding his Position as required by Law, the US Courts Are not the Deciding Factor , If the Court FAILS to hear the Case, the Usurper MUST step down, if there isnt Sufficient Proof the office holder has the Right to be in the Position, he must GO, , there is also a 25th Amendment that forces out anyone who cannot or will not do his Job, the Executive branches Job is to enforce US Law, if he isnt, "Illegal immigrants" and flooding the US with muslims and others who HATE America , he has to go, then there is the "US LAW Title 18 USCode 241, Conspiracy against Rights , the US Congress has MANY ways to remove obama, yet refuses, .........................remove them ALL till they get the Message