Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Death of America

Liberals are slowly Killing the US, they have Mastered Incrementalizism, and with the Help of the Media the Liberals have convinced much of the US Population that Republicans not Democrats are responsible for the current US Situation. the Current Administration and the Corrupt US Congress and Senate have paved the way to Loot the US treasury in the Name of Help,

The Easiest way to Force a Free Nation to it's Knees and then institute Marxist Socialist Polices is to Tank the Economy, and force people to rely on a Government Generated Check, Welfare, unemployment, and Food stamps, once that's accomplished the rest is easy, so long as people are desperate, they will follow orders and generally not resist, since that's the only possibility of income for the immediate future

There is Unrequenting Proof the Democrats did this to the People of this Country yet they have been rewarded with the Current power and are continuing to Incrimentally destroy this country, want to see ?

begining as early as 2004 the Republicans and Bush began telling the Democrats this was going to be an issue, ....

actually the issue goes back to 1999 , but the truth is, unless you people get off your BUTTS and go look for this, you arent going to get it handed to you by the Media, the Media is not going to tell us the truth, and and if you think it is, you are to stupid for words,

The entire Time the Democrats resisted any attempts to rein in Freddie and Fannie, and Now the Genius's are telling us more regulation is necessary ?....what I would like to know is why there is NO current investigation of franks and dodd., they resisted those attempts because this was calculated, this whole thing was known from the begining, the democrats will stoop to anything to gain and maintain power, and as you can see, once they have it, YOUR rights go up in smoke, till the People of the US get serious about Vigilance of their Government and it's Legislators this will get worse and continue.

Any of you Liberals stumbling on to this Blog feel free to Challenge My Links and come up with your excuses why this economic disaster is the responsibility of those that werent even in the Majority when this occured ......if you can.