Saturday, January 21, 2017

Those of you uncertain the climate scare is a fraud, must only read these

after reading, please link to this site so more can see the climate isnt broken, only the minds of the left

Jan 20th, 2017 ushered in a NEW day for the United States of America, we said with a resounding NO, no more deterioration of America, no more Globalism, no more lies, no more, no more, the Trump victory is a good right cross to those seeking to destroy America with loss of Sovereignty, loss of freedoms, forced acceptance of a bunch of heathens called muslims, and loss of our position in the world, as a world power, and last but not least, the end of the obama assault on America.

My belief is obama will move to the UN, and announce HE is the Long awaited Caliphate the nation of islam has sought, he will use the damage done to the US as proof he is the real mccoy, the ONLY thing that I see that could stop him, is ...a  LONG awaited charge of treason demanded by "we the people" to demand he pay in full his damage done to America.

It is Up to US, YOU and I to demand obama be arrested and tried for treason, and other crimes he has committed, stripped of his $450,000 a year presidential salary, and loss of Secret Service protection for life, he deserves the RULE of LAW, the Law he scoffed at and snubbed his nose at, as if HE is above the rule of Law, if America is a Nation of Laws, there is NO better time and reason to show it, than by Indicting him for Treason, trying him and executing him, to show others who dare to ponder following his foot steps America Belongs to the PEOPLE, not the Politicians.