Tuesday, December 4, 2012

the Failure of the Conservative Right

We on the right no longer control much of Anything anymore, especially our Message and our beliefs and what we think are important things America needs to do if we are ever going to succeed in getting it back from those who lie and demonize and demagogue us as the enemy, the best and most effective way to regain America is to stop supporting those who seeks it's destruction, the Advertisers and Sponsors of the Left wings Anti Right wing shows, the Lawrence O'Donnell's, the Rachel Maddow's , Ed Schultz, Chris Mathews , Chris Hays, Alex Wagner, and a host of Hate mongers filling the Airwaves with lies and half truths, It is TIME we stand up to the Left and it's supporters and say ok, you have a voice, say what you will, but to Those of You who subsidize and advertise and sponsor such we say to you, ...it is time to decide what side you are on, and decide what it is you want from America, do you want a government willing to destroy the middle class, and business' and burden them with Taxes and Regulations that will eventually make them non competitive in World markets ?, or do you support freedoms, Liberties, smaller government and less Taxes and regulations ?, make your decisions Now, because WE Americans are no longer funding your cause through the purchase of goods and services you offer, No longer will WE accept business as usual while you are taking from both sides of the fence.....No longer is it acceptable to be held unaccountable for corporate decisions on who and where you advertise and when......You Corporate America are officially on Notice the Time has expired for us to get you and your co's to make the choice on your own, instead you are now required to make that decision NOW ......make up your minds, freedom and free markets, or Socialism and shared Misery.........the choice is yours.......just weight the consequences..

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