Monday, June 21, 2010

Americans and their Trojan Horse

America is slowly being Infiltrated by a Sworn Enemy, yet Americans aren't worried, they don't even think there is a problem the media is keeping it all quiet, and is keeping a lid on it, even when they should be waning others those who seek to do them Harm are here, and no one knows just who and where they are, those who would do them harm have said so, they swear to everyday, even their bible tells them this is what they should do, yet WE Americans are told these are a Peaceful people, even when since 9/11 there have been over 15,500 Attacks Around the World , and then there are All those attempts here, and the successful one by Nadal Hussein, who killed 13 and injured 30, and yet no one in the Media , no one in the Government are connecting the Dots.....Not a Single one, because they don't realize there is ONE Common Denominator.......they are ALL Muslims......ALL of them, and they ALL intended to do us Harm from the moment they got here.......America, ALL of you should Press All your US Congressmen and women to FORCE obama to Prove he is a Natural Born US Citizen, and when it is finally Proven he is Not, then Every Law,Every Treaty, and Every Executive Order will be Null and void.....and WE the people wont have to spend endless years trying to convince the courts or Liberal progressive representatives that these were Bad Laws and should have never been passed to beging with

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